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 Welcome to SSBJ Membership Club!

  • The membership starts on the day payment is made and will continue until December 31 of each calender year. No matter when you sign up they will always expire at the end of the year.
  • Each file has its own discount. There are a few that aren't discounted at all, but not many.
  • All Files are discounted to 50% off
  • With every sale, your membership discount is added to the sale discount that is offered. You're membership discount comes off immedietly then the coupon code may be applied.
  • Access to the sport team felties-you can ask for the list.
  • 10% off on Vinyl Purchases
  • 10% off on Felt Purchases

Things to remember when you have a membership-

Memberships may be revoked at any time during the course of the year IF you are found abusing your membership priviledges. Please see Terms of Use. 

*Once you have paid for your membership you will need to fill out a "Membership Application" apply to become a member. Once you have filled it out, I will need to activate it. Just shoot me an email and let me know its complete and I can activate your acct and you can begin to purchase.


Thank you for you interest in my designs!!!


2018 SSBJ Membership Sign up
Click image for detail

2018 SSBJ Membership Sign up

Would you like to become a SSBJ Wholesale Member? Now is your chance!

This Membership is Starts at the time of purchase and will be active until January 1, 2019. 

What you get:

  • 1/2 off all embroidery Files
  • 10% off everyday on your embroidery Vinyl and Felt
  • Access to Wholesale Specials
  • Combined Discounts with coupon offers
  • Exclusive Destash access on my SSBJ Destash page. This is only available to paid members. Ask for details.
  • Discounted Sport Team Files. 

And much more!!!

If you decide you join:

  • Pay the membership Fee
  • When you have paid you can fill out the form HERE 
  • Once the Membership Form has been filled out. I will activate your account in 12 hours or less. If you don't hear from me. Please shoot me a message so that I can look into it ASAP
  • If you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to ask. 

Please read the rules of the membership Membership Information & Rules before payment is made. There are NO refunds over 24 hours!


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