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Hello August Festival of Sales!!!

As I try SO hard to keep your shipping costs down. I REALLY stuff some of the envelopes-I mean REALLY stuff them. Some of you are getting asked for extra charges. I'm sorry for that, but its beyond my control-seeing that most go through without any trouble. Just keep this in mind when ordering.
For todays deals-I did smaller rolls for those of you that don't need the whole 12x54
Vinyl Rolls
If you order 1-8 6x25" Rolls choose $4.25 shipping
If you order 9 or more 6x25" rolls please choose $6.50 shipping.
If you order 1 or 2 12x54" Rolls Choose 4.25 Shipping
3 or more will be $6.50
IF you order 1-4 6x25" rolls Choose $4.25 Shipping
If you order 5 or more 6x54" rolls please choose $6.50 Shipping
1-30 sheets choose $4.25
31 or more choose $6.50
IF you have any questions, please let me know