Wool Felt Single Sheets


This is a high quality wool blend felt is the most versatile craft felt to work with! A blend of 20 to 35% merino wool makes this high quality almost resistant to pilling. Very easy to cut, and its affordable!

approx. 1mm thick.

Each pack is carefully created and has a wide variety of beautiful brilliant colors, available in  9x12" sheets and in certain colors, full or half yards.

IF any colors are out of stock or no longer available in a pre selected felt pack-substitutions will be made by me with a similar color, without notification.

Substitutions can not be made with pre-made felt packs.

20% Wool-80% Rayon 

35% Wool-65% Rayon shown with an * 

***Please note due to computer monitors colors may be slightly different in person. And from time to time, dye lots may different from order to order.

  •  Each Sheet is 9x12"
  • IF any colors are out of stock or no longer available, I will email you to let you pick a replacement, UNLESS its a color from a pre-made felt pack. I will make a substitution with a similar color.
  • No exchanges or substitutions with pre-made felt packs
  • Colors listed with a * means they are 35/65% Wool Blend Felt.
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