Kai Scissors
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These scissors are absolutely amazing. They glide right through the layers of felt. The 6 inch have a serrated blade that makes cutting a breeze!!
Which Kai's are right for me?
4" Curved
If you are looking to get a really close cut on those stray threads or a precise cut in a small tight area, these are perfect! You can getclose to the base of the little threads that stick up. If you find your larger scissors don't get close enough, these take care of it every time!! The 4" are tiny, sharp, extra pointy.
6" Serrated
These are for cutting out your felties. Easy to control, with the serrated blade, they cut through many layers of fabrics and felt with ease!! You won't ever complain of sore tired hands again!
5" Angled Kai's
They have a blunt tip for easy control around appliques, still in the hoop! The handle is angled for precise cutting, without having to pull on your fabric. PERFECT for appliques in the hoop. The blunt tip glides close to the stitching without tearing or cutting. Very sharp too!!!
Be sure to check under the tutorial section for tips on keeping your scissors in top condition.
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