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Why does my feltie look like this????

All Felties you purchased from SweetStuffbyJen, come uncut. They are DIY embellishments.
Here is a tutorial on cutting the extra layer of felt that maybe added to the top of your feltie..
Does your feltie look like I sent you a piece of felt and not a design? If you take a peek underneath the top layer, you will see it. You just need to cut around the top and then around your feltie. This way it saves me a ton of time on extra cutting.
Some of your designs may look like this....
Ice Cream Cone
Magical Bear sister
You are going to take your Kai Scissors and cut the top layer first, about 2mm away from the stitching. At this time, JUST THE TOP LAYER. You don't want to take on too much at once. If you try and cut through all 4 layers (top, middle, stabilizer & backing) you may end up not seeing the outline stitch of the design and end up ruining the whole feltie.
When you have finished cutting the top it will look something like the pic. Then you want to take your Kai scissors, "the best scissors in America" and cut 2mm around the stitching on the outside.
**  You have the option of pulling out the stabilizer with a pair of tweezers if you wish. It is up to you.
Once you have cut around the entire design, you have a beautiful feltie ready to embellish your projects!


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