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SSBJ Important Update
I have moved all my Faux Leather, Custom Prints, Glitter headbands, and several other products to the new site.
I have also started listing all new embroidery Files. If you would like to check out the new site click the link HERE
You will have the chance to:
  • Download all your files to a safe place. You will not have access to these once the site.
Please Remember
  1. I am not responsible for any double purchases you have made on embroidery files.
  2. If you forget to save your files to a safe place, I am not responsible.
  3. After the site has closed I can not be held responsible for any lost, misplaced, double purchases, etc et al
This has been an on going reminder since 2017. I have made countless reminders that I was eventually making a move. I asked that you start saving your files to a safe place either on a drive or your computer.
REMINDER: all purchases from this site must be downloaded and saved to a safe place ASAP. 
I am so excited about this new move, Its been a long time coming. The new site is amazing and I’m so happy I finally took the jump!
Thank you all so much during this move! I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to the new move!!!
As always-if you have any questions-Don’t hesitate to reach out.
***I am NOT closing-Just moving! :)