Retiring Designs
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These designs are retired. Purchase at your own risk. Please download them to a safe place ASAP. I have begun to remove them from master storage. 
After being in Business for 12 years I have accumulated thousands of files here, on the website, which in return, is holding a considerable amount of storage that is beginning to cost a hefty monthly fee. 
Beginning February 1, 2022 I will be moving the designs to this category for a final, last call purchase. These designs will no longer be available. 
I have also discounted these designs to $3.00. If you want to take advantage of adding to your library, you can do so at this time for a reasonable price. 
What does this mean for you?
IF you purchased any of the designs that will be retired, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THEM from the "YOUR DOWNLOADS" tab on the site. Once they have been removed from the site. February 1, 2022 they will no longer be available to you. 
I am giving you a heads up, plenty of time,  to begin to download any purchases you have made and save them to a SAFE place for an eternity. 
Please take the next couple of weeks to make sure you have your purchases saved in a safe place. 
Beginning August 1, 2021 I will be moving files to this category for easy identification. 
This category will be available to you until February 1, 2022. You will have 5 months to access "YOUR DOWNLOADS" save your files OR purchase new ones before they are gone. 
PLEASE Be Aware!!! I will not be able to help you download them AFTER January 1, 2022. I will also be putting them in a safe place for storage. I won't be able to access them easily. Please make sure you take the time to do this. 
Since these designs are being retired-They are "buy at your own risk" meaning, they have moved from their original description and may contain a file that:
1. May only be sized up to a 2.5 This is an EARLY released file and when I first starting selling files I only provided sizes up to a 2.5.
2. They may not be sorted. Most of the newer released felties are sorted for your convenience. YOU WILL have to have a program to sort your files in multiples for the hoop you want to use on your own machine. 
3. No refunds or credits will be given with any retired design purchases. If a design is defective, I will do my best to correct the issue the best I can. 
4. All sales final-No exchanges, returns or refunds or credits if you purchase a design more than once.  Thank you for understanding. 
If you have trouble accessing the downloads page
A few years ago there was a crash on the site and some of you, who haven't been to the site in awhile may have trouble accessing "YOUR DOWNLOADS". The old page may still be in your browser and the page has been disabled.
Here is a couple options to try so you are able to get in.
  1. Clear your history and restart your computer. This will clear the page and you can re submit the page by typing it in your search bar and you can enter "Your Downloads"
  2. Try a different browser. If you try a different browser that has never searched for SSBJ, you will be able to get in. 
If you have any questions, Pleases ask!
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